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Guapo Taco was founded in 2015 by  Chef Manny Gonzalez and his wife Susy Cornejo (Susilicious).

Their passion for food and customer service motivated them to start their own food business. Their vision was to use Grandma's recipe that would transport people to Mexico City when they took a bite of a taco. They decided to start from the bottom by selling what is now their delicious sensation "Tacos de Canasta"(Basket Tacos). They started selling from home in January 2015 and had so many orders in just 3 months that Margarita Gonzalez (Chefs Manny's Mom), Rosa Perez (Susy's mom), and Yazmin Alarcon (Susy's sister-In law) had to help them, which lead them to find a bigger space. That's when they opened Guapo Taco Restaurant (2430 W. 47th St. Chicago) 

Today, through a lot of hard work and commitment to make a unique Mexican street and culinary masterpieces, and support from Chef Mannys mom "Ms. Margarita Gonzalez", Guapo Taco has become the most popular Taco de Canasta (Basket tacos) restaurant with 3 food trucks that travel all over Illinois, part of Indiana and Wisconsin.

Whether you’re looking to place a small order or need to fill the bellies of a large group, we have a variety of options for you to choose from. We understand that each customer has their own unique tastes and cravings, which is why we have a variety of taco fillings to satisfy each and every need. So come on in or keep an eye out for our Food Truck around Illinois. 



Emmanuel Gonzalez

Chef Manny Gonzalez holds more than 20 years of restaurant and catering experience. His passion for food, cooking, and gastronomy lead him to work in restaurants like Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom(Orlando, FL) "Tuskers House Restaurant", North Pond Restaurant(Chicago, IL), Sam and Harry's Restaurant at Marriot Hotel(Schaumburg, IL) and Glen Prairie Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Hotel(Lombard, IL) where he became the sous chef. He was also a Chef Instructor in Cooking Skills Academy teaching hands on classes. In Toasty Cheese Food Trucks he collaborated by helping open and create the menu. In Mia Passione River Grove he collaborated creating menu. Chef Manny counts with a Culinary Arts Degree, a Restaurant and Hotel Management Degree, and a Hospitality Management Degree.

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